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Payments & Terms

  • We all hate losing money on transactions, and clients don't typically like having to add "convenience fees" on to transactions. Zelle, which allows for rapid bank-to-bank transfers (formerly known as clearXchange) is almost certainly available through your bank's website or app. All the big banks use it (but even if your bank isn't listed, it's still likely that the service is available to you) and I like it because neither of us lose money on fees.

  • I can invoice you from Quick Books, which will allow you to pay with the credit card of your choice; please, add 5% for the associated fees.

  • I can "Paypal you," but please add an extra 3% for their fees.

  • My Venmo ID is Darla-Gaylor, but Venmo is no longer my preferred payment. Please, use Zelle.

  • Cash or check

  • A signed contract and a partial down payment is required before work commences. For small projects under $650, which typically last than a week, I'll ask for 1/2 down & the remainder upon completion.

  • For jobs that will span more than five days or greater than $650, I require 1/3 down, 1/3 at the end of the first week, and the remainder upon completion.

  • Any changes from the original contract will necessitate an addendum to the original contract, but email, text, Messenger, or any other form of electronic communication that creates a "paper trail" is considered binding. 

  • When I create a bid, I give you a "turnkey" price, which includes labor & materials. If there are any appreciable materials changes (greater than $50) during the course of the project, I will let you know; I will not surprise you with "extra" charges.

  • Pricing is based upon specific paint, brands and products noted on each project line. Higher priced product based on clients’ needs/ requests will result in a corresponding up charge.

  • Additional work, like unexpected wall repairs uncovered during the project will be billed at $50/hour.

  • Contract is not considered paid in full unless check, cash, bank transfer, or credit card (additional 5% convenience fee required) payment is made payable to 2nd Story Designs

  • Bid is good for 6 months from date it is transmitted to you.

  • Non-returnable materials purchased specifically for your project, even if not utilized because of design changes by you, will still be charged to you. 

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