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Everyone always wants to know, "How much?" I'm no exception. But just like every other contractor, I really don't know what your job will cost until I get a chance to look at it and visit with you about your needs and expectations. Bids won't cost you a dime though, and I promise I'm not a pushy salesman.





Factors affecting cost include: 

1) Wall or fireplace preparation needs and/ or demo work. Do I have to base paint before I can begin the "fun stuff"? 

2) Size of project (i.e. one wall vs an entire room, a 5' fireplace vs a 10' fireplace with an inset)

3) Materials to be used. Are there any specialty supplies or tools needed just for your job?  

4) Distance to the job site, tolls, & drive time. 

Also, if the design gets changed after the original bid, and it means more work, time, and materials, of course, the price will change. If you need me to shop with or for you to add to/ complete the design concept, that will be added to the invoice as well. 

Still, to give you an idea...

Fireplaces: Faux finishing a basic 5' tall painted wood or cast concrete fireplace starts at $500- labor
only. Additions such as tile, stone, or headers will necessarily add to the cost.


Murals, Faux Finishes, Accents, and Lettering vary widely, but usually start at $250. More often than not, I charge $12.50 to $18.50 a square of wall space for murals and $3+ a square foot for faux finishes.  


Color & Design Consults or Staging - $75/ hour (2 hour minimum).
Confused? Need a little direction, but want to do the main work yourself? I'm good with that & happy to help point you in the right direction with my color fan decks or a few shopping trips. Proud to be a newly minted Benjamin Moore Color Consultant. I generally include color consulting & a few project boards in my bids, BUT if you are excessively indecisive or I have to create more than 5 project boards, I will add a consult fee.

Trying to get your house ready for the market? I've been there many times myself and have several Realtor friends who have taught me what look sells. Mostly it's LOTS of "editing," but often the personalized colors we may love need to be changed (or "borified") to have the most appeal. The decision to change things can be emotional! I'll be happy to hold your hand through the process- and push you forward to do what is best for the home you hope to be leaving.




A signed contract and a partial down payment is required  3 days before work commences. For jobs that will span more than five days, additional equal payments will be required at the end of each week. Any changes from the original contract will necessitate an addendum to the original contract.

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