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Refinishing cabinetry is a cost effective alternative to cabinet refacing ($$$) or replacing ($$$$). With the improvements in water based finishes, it is now even easier and less noxious than in earlier days when oil based paints were the only option, but thorough preparation is a must. For that matter, so are time and patience.

Glazing- Each of these cabinet sets went through a multi step process which included a base paint plus AT LEAST one layer of glazing, then top coating to protect the glaze. 

Dove White (OC-17) by Benjamin Moore is a VERY popular color for cabinets. Although I have used a few other whites, 90% of the kitchens I've painted are in this wonderful mid-tone white. Dove is not cold & icy, skewing to the blue side, nor is it warm and yellowy. In fact, it is often "just right," working with warm grays and beige tones beautifully.

Specialty Edging- Distressing edges or simply highlighting them- sometimes that all it takes to make a single color repaint pop just a little more!