In addition to murals and fireplaces, I have done a variety of faux wall finishes and bold geometric designs. The most common faux finish is one that gives the space a feeling of age or richness, but as the word "faux" is simply French for false or fake, virtually anything under the sun can be "fauxed." Finishes may be done in acrylic or oil based paints, for a few I even used wood stain (and a respirator!).  

Faux Finishes
Geometrics- Worth the Price
Stone Works & Grown-Up Murals
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Garden bath

This faux stone & trompe l'oeil garden scene were crafted with joint compound. Every grout line is taped off, then mud compound is troweled over the surface. As it starts to set up, the tape is peeled off & the borders of each stone are sculpted to ensure they aren't too sharp. The process allows for me to then come in & hand paint each stone according to the texture created by the mud. The window was created the same way, giving me a slightly recessed surface up which to create this garden.